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Over the years, human life has completley transfigured with the advent of technology. Today, we have lots of of amazing tools and resources, provding us information at our fingertips. This technical breakthrough has made every work possible which earlier we thought as impossible.There is not a single sphere of life where technology has not intervened. Same haapened in the busisness sector. Lots of applications and tools made for busienss purpose helped a lot to businessman in exploring,and bringing their business to new heights. One such gift of technology in business arena is 'QUICKEN'software. Before moving further, let's first discuss what actually it is?? Quicken is an application introduced to people by a financial software company 'INTUIT'.Founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, the company has developed numerous financial, accounting and tax preparation software.Among them,one is Quicken that has gained popularity throughout the world and has becoem the best software of 21st century.This personal financing software provides its users with computerised maintenace and documentation system thus enabling them to manage various activites. The software was developed with a main motto of providng users the tool that can help them in managing therir finance.Mainly geared towards needs of small and medium enterprises,the software work perfectly both for Windows and Mac OS. Serving the users from last 35 years, this product has attracted large masses.Now, people are habitual to this personal accouitng software as it aptly meet their demand. Inspite of this, the bookkeeping software has lot of another exciting features also.Deluxe and Premier version are available for Quicken software, however, for an additional cost. Besides this, special version has alos introduced for small business entrepreneurs and rental property managers. For the comfort of users, 'Quicken Mobile App' is also availabe for Android and iOS without involving any additional cost. However,the features are dependable on the version you are using.The app is helpful in:

Taking pictures of receipts

Tracking of investment

Monitoring values of owned house etc.

In short, Quicken is a complete package in itself. With the new and improved features, (including Quicken Online login), the users can manage theri a/c from distant places. The astonishing features that software carries and its easy-to-use interface has helped in building a vast user base from all over the world. Also, the company's timely updates and modifications contributed in its success.


  • Quicken Bill Pay allow users to directly pay thier bills through Quicken
  • Useful in prividing information related to bank and credit card balances
  • Properly records and cateogrise spending
  • Send reminders to users when their bills are due
  • Helps in creating budget
  • Used to track finances
Quicken Starter Edition

Software that use for budgeting.Provide complete money control. Available for Windows & Mac OS.Along with Quicken Support.

Quicken Deluxe

Keep records of Financial & Investment data.Available for Windows & Mac OS.Includes Quicken Customer Service.

Quicken Home & Business

Helps to create budget & tax report. Pay your bills,manage investments & create invoices.Along with Quicken Help service.

Quicken Rental Property Manager

Used for property & personal management.Track Rental,income & tenant details.Along with Quicken Chat Support service.


Frquently asked questions related to Quicken For Windows & Mac

The membership can be managed by visiting 'My Account' section of Quicken.com. As you log in using your Quicken ID, your product version, activation date, and subscription expiration date will appear. The account settings (log in and password) can also be managed.

Quicken Data Access Guarantee says whether the subscription is renewed by the user or not, they will always be enjoying an access to and ownership of their data. Even after the end of subscription, they are able to view, edit, export, and manually enter transactions and a/cs for Deluxe or higher versions. However, you will lose your access to online services like quotes, transaction download, and mobile sync, as well as access to Quicken Help Phone Number with the end of the subscription. Well, we will continue to inform you about modifications and enhancements related to our product. Remember that Quicken Data Access Guarantee adhere to all limitations and conditions mentioned in terms of Use' and 'Privacy Policy' of the company.

Yes, 2019 version works in a same way as earlier Quicken products did. After installing latest version on your PC, you'll be asked to convert existing files to new release. You may also start a brand new Quicken file, if you like.

Yes, 2019 version is a subscription product. Subscription is designed in such a way so that you are not required to go for upgrade process again. Along with Online Services, like downloading transactions from your bank or syncing to your mobile device, you'll automatically get new functions, versions, and services (as a part of your subscription), so you'll always have the latest product. For users, subscriptions for 1 or 2 years is offered by the company. Here, subscriptions for Premier and Home, Business, & Rental Property involve free Bill Pay service, Online Backup of data, and Premium Quicken Customer Service access.

This is Quicken's new version having features of both the Home and Business & Rental Property Manager versions. With this, you are now able to create Rent Receipts for tenants, and a renewed Invoice Designer help users to customize an email invoices with web links. It has become easy to manage business and rental documents of user (receipts or leases).

To avoid manual renewal, you can choose an auto-renew option. Here, you are only required to fill your card information. As a result, your subscription will automatically be renewed. An email will be sent to you 1 month before the expiry date so as to to remind you about end date of subscription. Another option would be to log in with Quicken's official site and renew your plan there.

If it is a case of sign-in issue and you are not able to access your a/c, then you need to visit the official site. On the top-right corner, please select Sign-in to reach “My Account”.After then, click on “Forgot login id or password".Else you can use Quicken Support Phone Number for the assistance.

Yes, your Data can be converted through current released version. It's quite similar to its earlier version. As soon as the user downloaded it, they are asked for converting existing file to a new version.

No trial version is there for the software. Instead of this, we have 30-day money-back guarantee for our users.

It means a companion browser experience to your desktop product. In response to clients feedback that accessing software on Web would provide more ease and comfort, the company has started it. With this, several tasks can be performed by users. These are: - Users can see balances, budgets, a/cs, and transactions - It is to see your spending pattern by category, payee, and more - Performance of investment can be monitored with up-to-the-minute portfolio value - Helps users to search and view information related to past expenses - Helps in keeping your finances up to date

No, both are different software programs having completely distinguished features and utilities. The software 'Quicken' is emphasized on maintaining user's personal finance. On the other side, QuickBooks has been designed to meet complex accounting requirements of Small and Medium Businesses.

We won't suggest our users to share or attempt to sync data files between PCs on a network. As it may result into damage of data file. If you like, the app will permit you to see your synced a/cs from several mobile phones.

Yes, it can be installed on as many PCs as required in the same household. Each of the installation will be registered to user's ID. It isn't suggested to share data files on a network/cloud drive.

Frquently asked questions related to Quicken Mobile App

Simply, the app is a free companion tool to your Intuit product. Through this, you can view and update both your balances and transactions. Even when you are offline, the transactions can be added. You can Snap and Save your paper receipts . Also, it send users the alerts that can be customized in the software.To have a full view of your finance, Sync from your mobile phone to Quicken.

Basically, it is for your desktop or laptop, its full version can't be installed on your mobile phone. For this, a free mobile app has been developed for iPad and Android tablets. For iOS devices, it is available on iTunes and Android users can get it from Google Play

With the mobile app, you can't enjoy the full version of the financial software. It is not mean to be used alone to manage budget or investments and can be used only with the desktop version 2013 for Windows PCs. It doesn't support Quicken Essentials for Mac.

As the software is concerned to user's financial details, it well understands its secure need and importance. Here, the user's details are protected through several layers of security. All the information stored on mobile device is encrypted. So, no need to worry, it is unreadable until any special key is used.

No, the software program and data files are installed and saved locally on your PC. In case, you choose to use Mobile app or access the software on Web, there is a need to enable syncing across platforms by opting in