Learn How To Change Password For Your Quicken?

Read the given content if you lack knowledge in this regard. Guys, it’s not a heavy task, just you need to perform some simple steps.Also, you need to have good knowledge along with true information so that the remedies can be implemented
in a proper way and desired outcomes can be obtained.No need to worry because when we are having a perfect solution, we can manage any sort of difficulty. With this, you also have a chance to discuss your queries with our team. They are ready to hear from you all the time.Customer Support Helpline Number (1-800-314-8024) has been made available for this purpose.Let us now discuss the steps you need to follow:

1. First of all, login to Quicken with your own user ID and Password.
2. Next, move to Account Setting.
3. Here make a click on text saying ‘I want to change my password’.
4. Now, insert the old password.
5. It will be then checked by Quicken that whether you have inserted the correct             password or not.
6. After verifying your old password, you will be asked to mention new password.          Please note that the new password is strong enough (that can’t be guessed              easily by anyone).
7. After inserting the new password, go for re-enter your password.
8. Once it is done, your new password will be confirmed. With this, you are free to          use this newly set password to login your a/c.

That’s all how to change your password. Hope you find the information useful. For more details,Quicken Support Desk is open for you 24*7. Just ask the experts for any of your queries.To beat your issues is a matter of few minutes for our experts. Serving the users from many years,the confident team has entire knowledge of the software. You must try it once.

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Use QCleanUI Tool To Fix Installation Issue With Quicken Windows

Friends, do you find it difficult to install Quicken for Windows, or face trouble to use the app after a patch release, then it can be said that the software has not installed properly on your PC. QCleanUI utility can help you in this direction (reinstalling the app correctly on your device).Mainly, it should be utilized to address installation or patching problems (for say, issue while opening application after installation or issue while installing patches). Avoid using it for removing data or password related nuisance (Quicken ID Password, Vault Password etc.).


1. Back up your Quicken data. If you find it hard to open Quicken to do so, you may leave this step and proceed.
2. Uninstall the app with Add/Remove Programs feature through your system’s Control Panel.
3. After then, you need to create a new folder on your desktop (for this, right-click on the desktop and then choose New > Folder).
4. Select QcleanUI.exe and save the file to the new folder.
5. Tap MSICLEAN.exe and save the file to the SAME new folder.
6. After doing this, double-click QcleanUI.exe in the new folder.
7. Choose Clean all versions followed by clicking on Clean.

Note:QcleanUI will take some time to accomplish the task.When completed, you can view the error message. The error can be disregarded and you can continue with the process.
8. In the end, snap ‘Quit’ to close QcleanUI.


1. Go with the steps to Show hidden files and folders. At some point, you will see that the folders that need to be renamed (in the given steps) don’t appear even after choosing ‘Show hidden files and folders’. If it happens,move with the steps and rename the folders that appear.
2. In C:\Program Data\Intuit folder, please right-click Quicken folder. Next, choose ‘Rename’. Now, its turn to give the folder a different and unique name (for say: “Troubleshooting”). Hit Enter, after then.- With current 2018 release, you should know the path for the folder that needs to be renamed. It is like C:\Program Data\Quicken. Rename this folder and the one i.e in C:\Program Data\Intuit.
3. In the C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Intuit folder, make a right-click on Quicken folder.Pick ‘Rename’ option, provide a different and unique name to a folder (for saying: “Troubleshooting”). Hit Enter, after then.-With current release 2018, a path for the folder that needs to be renamed is like:C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Quicken. Rename this folder of Quicken and the one
i.e in C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Intuit.
4. Repeat 2nd and 3rd step for each user on your PC.
5. In the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folder, make a right-click on Quicken installation folder.Choose ‘Rename’ option, give the folder a different and unique name. Hit ‘Enter’ after then.
Note: Depending on system settings, it may possible that the folder is not created. And if it’s not visible to you in this location, move ahead with the next step.
6. Now, restart the PC and again install the Quicken software.

Still having any query then reach our Quicken Technical Support help desk. It’s our promise that within a brief time, you will get top results for your complications.

Brief Introduction Of Quicken 2018 For Mac By Proadvisor247 Team

Newly launched version Quicken 2018 For Mac,We can say, is a superb accounting software at present. The features and utilities that it offers are hard to find in any other similar software. Not only it manages user’s banking requirements, in fact, it’s also a complete financial solution. 256-bit encryption security and Data Access Guarantee etc. makes it a perfect tool for users.Ventures like restaurants, retailers, real estate, builders, bakery business,and garment industry etc. use this Intuit product for the expansion of their business.Financials updates,saving of time and sharing (ability to work with several members) are among its other benefits.

Version 2018: Interestingly, it makes money management easier than before. Developed by Quicken Inc., it caters to needs of users in a surprising way.The software has expertise in performing:

  • Activities related to Financial planning
  • Recording of Banking Transactions
  • Planning of budget and measuring progress
  • Investment tracking (their prices and performance).

Within the shortest of time, you will find that the application has performed all these activities.Gone are the days, when you make strategies on paper. Now, switch to this advanced and most demanded software.It is appropriate for getting expert product help or enjoying reliable downloads. With Quicken 2018 for Mac Release Notes, you can save your precious time.Some of its improved features include:

  • Users can make the selection among Quicken Starter, Deluxe, as well as Premier
  • Provide access to 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF can be downloaded
  • You can enjoy the latest features without upgrading
  • Provides secure online backup of 5 GB for your files along with Dropbox
  • Investment lot tracking (for Deluxe and above)
  • Bills can be paid for free with ‘Quicken Bill Pay’ feature (only for Premier)
  • Priority access to Phone support (only for Premier)

MAC products available for users are:

1. Starter
2. Deluxe
3. Premier

Comparison among these products:

Starter Edition: 

  • Controls your money
  • You can see all the a/cs at a single platform
  • Your expenses are categorized automatically

Deluxe Edition: 

  • Manages and saves your money
  • Includes all that of Starter plus
  • The customized budget can be created
  • Capable to track your debt, simplify your taxes as well as investments

Premier Edition:

  • Helps to maximize your investment
  • Includes all that of Deluxe plus
  • The feature named ‘Free Online Bill Payment’
  • Priority access to Customer support


You might be thinking that when the market is full of accounting software then why should I opt QUICKEN? For this, we have provided a list of features that will tell you why it’s the right choice for your business.

  • With a single click, Quicken Windows can be upgraded to Quicken MAC
  • Bills can be paid directly from the software
  • Export Category Summary and Tax Summary report
  • Money can be transferred b/w different accounts within your bank
  • Phone support is completely free
  • You can see all your a/cs under a single place
  • Helps you to manage a/cs and transactions
  • Always stay on the top of bills and spending
  • Data can be imported easily
  • Valuable reports help you to go with a better financial decision
  • Manages investments and plan your taxes
  • You can get a calendar view of your spending

How one can update his product?

For any accounting software, upgradation is the foremost requirement. After the upgrade,it not only helps us to remove error but also we get its latest & secure version.Quicken’s updated version are 5.7.0, 5.7.1 & 5.7.2 and the latest one was in the month of July 2018.

Features of July 2018 latest version:

  • Continue bills & Income improvements
  • Performance
  • Fixes in reports and budgets
  • Investment improvements

Let’s discuss them in detail:
! Continue bills & Income improvements-Well, some errors are resolved and some new features are here.

1. “Update button” has added: You can see this button on bills & income screen. With this, you can update your eBills without having to download or sync all your a/cs.
2. New “Concept of Manual Payee”: Basically, this function is for people (like gardener or hairdresser) whom you paid with cash or check. It helps to speed up paying process or tracking theses payees.
3. Link “eBill Button”:Through this button, you can search for eBills.
4. eBills now shows “Awaiting next bill”:If you have paid the bill but an updated balance has not received by Quicken, then it will show 0 on screen,(means your balance was 0). Here 0 denotes ‘zero balance’.”Type column to Bills and income views”


  • In the Edit Schedule and Track Bill Screen, date field shortcut keys didn’t work, this issue has fixed now.
  • Bills & Income view couldn’t appear in a standalone window, this problem has also removed.
  • Now, PDF icon will only show when there are statements to look at.

! Performance:Without any doubt, we can say, the performance has improved as compared to the earlier version.
1. When the user opens a file in the dock, they will see an instant message on the screen stating
‘Quicken is opening your file’. You can’t find this feature in the earlier version.
2. Removed a database validity check that took place every time the user opened a file.With the new release, the time that it takes to show the portfolio view chart has improved.
! Fixes in reports and Budgets:

Fixed:Here, we are going to tell you the issues that have been resolved in the new release:

  • Removed issue on reports where comparison reports of different ranges and lengths didn’t perform.
  • Removed issue related to where reinvested interest, LTCG (long-term capital gains), and STCG (short-term capital gains) were not appearing in reports.
  • Income Investment Transactions.
  • It has removed accrued interest in the pie chart,thus it is no longer considered as an expense.
  • Resolved weird selection issue: It is related to category Customize report window where un-checking one category unchecked all other categories.

! Investment Improvements:

  • Addition of new and advanced feature in Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) a/c types.
  • The improvement made in the search for security name: It has been made in     investment register and edit security window.
  • The error has resolved where opening/closing the lots in Portfolio view would lead the screen to jump to the top.

That’s all for Quicken for Mac 2018. For more guidance, talk to our representatives at Quicken Support (1-800-314-8024)

Easy Steps To Fix Quicken Installation Issue In Windows 10

Intuit; founder of Quicken, we can say, has not left any stone unturned to make its product as the user’s first choice. It is its efforts and continuous hard-work that has made the software most demanding one. Widely known for its budget planning and financial management system, the product has attracted people from within and outside the boundaries.The benefit to paying bills, schedule payment and check pending payment are also other special features of Quicken. To avail facility of checking daily financial expenses, you need to link bank a/cs and credit cards. Please note that by linking the credit cards, you can also purchase things online.


The accounting software is preferred by those having issue with the financial management process.With this, you can easily control your expenses. As,inflation management is, at present, a big irritating issue among small entrepreneurs. So, there is a need for its effective management to help prosper your business and bringing it to new heights.Besides this, it is tech glitch that sometimes disturb users and affect their work. Also at some point in time, the issue becomes so complicated that it’s hard to understand them.Through this article, we have tried to bring our users a simple and convenient way to manage these issues.Let’s have a look:


Consider below- mentioned simple measures:

* Above all, downloading the right patch for installation is an essential thing. As we know that the software is available both for Mac and Windows OS. Mac users may access this accounting tool by downloading the patch for Mac. Whereas, to enjoy its features,Windows user needs to download the patch for Windows. Always keep in mind that downloading the wrong patch will bring you closer to tech quirks during the installation process. In fact, you can’t complete the installation process without the right patch. There will be a different patch for Windows 7, XP, and 10. Download patch for Windows 10 to install Quicken software.

* If you are suffering from installation problem, then some disturbance could be there with your device hardware. RAM/Hard Disk problem is quite common to occur. You should also see the space available on the hard disk.Enough space must be there to perform the installation process and copying Quicken’s program files in your drive.

* Configuration error of your OS can also be responsible for installation issue.
Have correct configuration of your operating system to conduct a process of installation.Still, you see the error while performing installation, carefully examine the above-said possibilities. In some situation, the errors may be unique. For that hire expert’s help by dialling Quicken Support Phone Number (1-800-314-8024). It’s the best way to- obtain handy and instant solutions.The best part is that you have no time boundation, you are free to call 24*7.


QUICKEN;developed by Intuit, has a great fan following throughout the world. Furthermore, by introducing a feature named “SCRE Share” its support services. has improved.Through this, you can expect one-to-one best and accurate remedies for your techy issues.Don’t think that this “Screen Share” feature is meant to control your device. In fact, it helps technicians to locate exact cause of your error, thus they provide you solution accordingly. In the below para, we will let you know how to use the screen share facility:

For Window Users:

  • In the beginning, open Quicken’s Help menu. Next, go to Screen Share.
  • Move as per the directions provided there. After then, click on “I Agree”.
  • Now, insert the security key (you obtained from your agent) followed by pressing ‘Share your screen’.
  • From now onward, the support team is able to view your screen.
  • Once you are done with it, please click on the option named “Stop sharing your screen”.

For Chrome Users:

  • Go to the Quicken screen share website using the link: https://www.quicken.com/support/screenshare
  • Now, put the security key that has been provided to you by your agent. After then,select ‘Share your Screen’ option.
  • Next, go with ‘Add Extension’ to add “Screen Share” extension to your Browser.
  • Tap ‘Share your screen’ and then ‘Your Entire Screen’. Users having dual monitor may choose the screen they want to share.
  • Now,pick ‘Share’ option to make the screen visible to our Chat Support team.
  • To stop sharing, please select ‘Stop sharing your screen’.

Users not using Chrome:

  • Such users can download ‘Screen Share’ app on their computer.
  • After receiving a security warning on your screen, click Run option. Let it be downloaded properly and select More Info and “Run Anyway”.
  • Next, make a click on Install in the installation window.
  • Put security key (given to you by Quicken Support) on the screen,where it is asked.
  • Now, select sharing your screen to make it visible to the team of Quicken Support.
  • The option named ‘Stop sharing your screen’ will allow you to end sharing.

For Mac Users:

  • First, click on ‘Help’ and after then ‘Screen share’.
  • Now, enter security key provided to you by Quicken agent.
  • Next, move to ‘Share your screen’ option to make it visible to support team.
  • ‘Stop sharing your screen’ option will help you to end sharing.
  • If,you see that screen sharing is not working on your software, try out given steps:
  • Download file for Quickenutility.dmg. File. Go to download folder and then make double-click on the file.
  • Now,click Quicken utility window and drag Quicken utility to Application folder of your device.
  • Quicken utility will be installed on your device, after then.
  • Next, Double-click Applications folder and Quicken utility.
  • In this step, open Quicken utility. Make a click on Share screen with Quicken care.
  • Insert the security key provided to you by Quicken customer care.
  • Perform the steps according to your device.

If you are having a problem while sharing your screen with Quicken representatives,
moving to our help-desk would be the best option.By remote accessing of your device, the team will help you to eliminate the cause preventing you from sharing your screen.Else dial our toll-free 1-800-314-8024 for the best Quicken Support Chat from Proadvisor247 team.


Today, we have multiple options that can help us to keep a watch on financial matters. For this, personal finance software,’Quicken’ is at the top position. With this, you can carry out a routine task in a smart way. From balancing a chequebook to making payment online, it serves all the accounting needs. In case, you find it hard to open Quicken after updating to latest version, then you are at right place. The content provided here will surely help you.Before we proceed, let me tell you the software’s current version is likely to have some errors.Without any doubt, we can also say it’s a secure way to manage financial records.Also, your personal Id is required to log in.

If you forget the Id and password, try out the steps given beneath:

  • First, move to Quicken log in page. There click on the option named ‘I Forget my Password’.
  • Put your ID and click on "submit&quot.
  • After then, enter 6 digit code and put a new secret word. To avoid any                inconvenience, pen it down somewhere.


  • Attempt to reinstall the update patch.
  • Pick your software version year. Next, download and install the Mondo patch. After its installation, restart your PC.
  • If it doesn’t help you to remove the problem, open Quicken without a data file.
  • To do this, hold Ctrl + Shift from your keyboard and then double-click Quicken icon. Hold Ctrl + Shift till you see that Quicken opens with a blank screen.
  • If this happens then it can be said that issue is there with a data file.It is keeping the software from opening properly. Perform the steps to Restore a backup file.
  • Afterwards, to validate restored backup file go to File> File Operations> Validate and Repair.
  • At last, check the Validate file and hit ‘OK’.

If Quicken doesn’t open without a data file, it will temporarily disable anti-virus and firewall.However, these programs on your system could prevent the software from running properly.Thus, they need to be disabled.

Don’t know how to update these settings? No worries, you can contact your
anti-virus/firewall provider for this.Go with the instructions, if the error still not resolved:

  • Before reinstalling Quicken, please confirm that your anti-virus and firewall are disabled.
  • After then, reinstall Quicken.
  • Now, reactivate your anti-virus/firewall.

For the further and additional assistance you may contact Proadvisor247 Quicken Help Team  or dial 1-800-314-8024.

How To Fix Capital One Error In Quicken? 1-800-314-8024

At present, everyone wants to have bank account related solutions and the ways to keep a tab on his or her finance.QUICKEN would be the best choice in this regard, according to my view. As the software has users from all over the world. Packed with so many surprising and useful features, it is a renowned name in the tech era. Traits that it carries makes it perfect both for home as well as professional use.Well, on the other side, you need to be cautious about its tech quirks. Among these, ‘Capital One Error’ is common as well as the annoying one issue for users.It can only be sorted out when you have a fair idea about its probable reasons.


Capital one a/cs and VIP a/cs on software with additional features are suitable for both professional and commercial use. Lots of reason could be there behind this tech complication. Here it is:

• The error generally takes place when you are suffering from Internet connectivity       issues and you find it difficult to log in to your Capital one a/c.
• Problem-related to hacked or forgotten password for your a/c could be another          reason that why users are not able to use Capital one a/c.
• One more reason responsible for login error to Capital one a/c is compatibility issues with system software.


Seeking assistance from an expert is the best option when it comes to rectifying Quicken problems.Also, it’s easy to communicate with them as toll-number of ‘Quicken Customer Service’ is available.The number (1-800-314-2034) works throughout day and night. Provided below are a few tips you may consider
to get relief from this issue:

• Be sure that the Internet connection has been configured properly. It will help you      to deal with the issue that you are facing by boosting up the Internet. Login can be    made easier with this.
• Password issues problem can be tackled through “forgot password & quote; tab        after then verifying user’s identity via several identity checks.
• For a quick and timely response, you may also hire Proadvisor247 Quicken Chat Support Team.

Learn How To Migrate Your Intuit Id To Quicken Id ?

Through this write-up, we will have detailed discussion regarding ‘Migration of Intuit ID to Quicken ID‘ along with the process to create a new Quicken ID.


Earlier, Quicken was a part of Intuit Inc. But now the situation has changed, it is no longer a part of it. And after separation, certain changes have been made in this.
You can now see a new Quicken login where users can create their ID. But before this, Intuit authentication login was used to sign in with the software. Because of this, the users face problem at the time of login.Well, avoid any kind of stress, you need not use your Intuit ID with Quicken anymore.New ID will register you to Quicken product and provide access to quicken.com, quicken data files and online services such as downloading transactions, etc.


  • First, open Quicken. Next, create Quicken ID in the prompt.
  • After creating new a/c, use your new ID and password to access applications such as Quicken for Mac, Quicken Mobile, Quicken for Windows and Quicken.com.
  • Enter your Intuit ID password for a data file (when asked), for the verification    purpose.
  • After then, insert your new vault password.

Note:Being a one-time process, you need to set the information only once. Be careful while reading instructions.


Friends, in case, you forgot or don’t have Intuit ID and password, then delete
your password vault. It will not allow others to access your ID and password. Once the process of migration is finished, you can recreate the password vault.Non-availability of attachments and receipts in the mobile app, after you migrate to Quicken ID.You must know that your documents are stored before migration and will remain as it is in your Quicken data file (even after migration). So, upload these documents to Quicken cloud through document upload tool. But, if not saved before
migration then they will no longer exist.


You will note that Intuit ID is not changed. And, after migration, there is no need to use its credentials. From now onward, use your new ID and password for Quicken apps. Although,Intuit ID can still be utilized for products like TurboTax or QuickBooks. To Change Quicken ID profile information, move with given instructions:

  • First, visit myaccount.quicken.com.
  • Now, sign in using your Quicken ID and password.
  • A verification code will then reach. Enter that code and press ‘Submit’ option.
  • You will see My Account window on the screen. Choose any section you want to update by tapping ‘Change’ button (situated on the right side).
  • Once it is completed, make a click on ‘Save Changes’ option.
  •  You should also know,Quicken new ID will not affect data on Quicken file.
  • Intuit ID can be used for Intuit products (TurboTax or QuickBooks).
  • Keep your software up-to-date to enjoy its services.
  • Quicken for Windows: Install available update by pressing One-Step-Update    Button.
  • Quicken for Mac: It will show you an update prompt (if any) when the application starts.
  • After creating a new Quicken ID, you’ll be provided new ID and password for each of the Quicken applications.

Hope, you find the information relevant. Still having any query, please speak to Proadvisor247 Team for Quicken Support at (1-800-314-8024 ).

How To Convert Your Quicken Data File For Old Version ?

We always suggest our users back up their data file after every change they make to files. For more safety, a copy of the backup file can be saved on external memory drive or in cloud storage a/c.The number of users has been affected by hard drive failure, resulting in loss of their significant data.So, always keep your backup safe.
Let’s have a look at ‘How to Convert Quicken data files’:

Quicken Data File Conversion for Windows:

If using any version between 98-2003, then:

  • You need to back up your most recent data file
  • Next, press Windows + R keys
  • Insert “appwiz.cpl” and then hit ‘OK’
  • Search for Quicken app and uninstall it
  • Get Quicken 2004
  • After then, install and open the latest backup file for conversion

After the conversion with Windows Quicken 2003, see below steps:

  • Save a copy of the backup in Quicken 2004
  • Uninstall the app by using the above method
  • Now, Download Windows Quicken 2013
  • Install and then open recent backup file
  • Go for conversion of the data file when asked

Once it is done, save a backup copy within Quicken 2013 and later on, the file can be opened in version such as Quicken 2016/2017/2018. Little chances are there to
face difficulty while going through the process. If need any help, toll-number (1-800-314-8024) is present.

Quicken Data File Conversion for Mac:

Please note that the latest Mac OS updates don’t support Essential anymore.  However, converting data on Mac is riskier as compared to Windows. Thus you have two options either to call at ‘Quicken Customer Service‘ and speak to experts or move with the below guidelines:

  • First, download and install current Quicken version
  • Now, direct your app to current backup file
  • Or select the type of file you want to open in Quicken Mac
  • Tap ‘Convert’ option after selecting the right backup file
  • Now, you are ready to go with new Quicken Mac

The process may take little more time. Stay calm while the process is completed.
For more support and guidance, move to Quicken help desk anytime as per your comfort.Here, you will get better answers in a short time

How To Fix Error CC-501 In Quicken ?

While using Quicken online services, you may see Error CC-501 at the time of updating account.You might be worried about its resolution. But going through this blog post will give an answer to all your questions. Read it carefully.

  • Before anything else, just refresh your online a/c information.
  • Afterwards, open the transaction register for the account containing the error message.
  • Next, you need to select Actions Gear Icon situated on the upper right of register followed by choosing ‘Update Now’.
  • Now to complete the update, follow on-screen directions.
  • Repeat the steps for each account having this error code.

Still, issue not resolved ? 

If positive results are not obtained by following the above steps, hire Quicken Support.The error could be a result of a unique issue and may need assistance from professionals.Possible reason sometimes come under script issues that need to be increased and don’t have an quick solution.

If the problem arises while adding an account:In such situation, wait for 24 hours and again attempt to add the a/c. If the problem remains as it is even after waiting for the whole day, you should go for Quicken Help.

Factors responsible for CC-501 Error:

  • Malware and infection attack
  • Corrupted or incomplete installation of software
  • Debased windows registry from ongoing Quicken related application change.
  • Contaminated enliven records

The alternative way to remove the Error :- Steps:

  • First, go to Tools Menu > One Step Update.
  • Click on Update Now options.
  • If an update is available, Quicken will thus explore a window stating what’s there in     the update.
  • Close Quicken running program.
  • After closing it, all your work will be saved, and you can restart your working.

Sometimes when users try to update their a/cs or download new transactions into the software from financial institutions, they may confront this error.

Step 1: Open the account having error CC 501.

  • Start by opening Quicken.
  • Then go to every account experiencing the same error code.
  • Refresh the bank accounts setting where you have seen this error.
  • Now, tap the account name under CC 501 occurs.
  • At the right-hand side of the screen there appears a gear icon with downwards  arrow, just click it.
  • Tap Update(Ctrl+Alt+U) so as to refresh account settings.
  • Once your Quicken ID & Password or Vault password is inserted, a new window will appear with a feature named one step update settings. Next, select Update Now.
  • Again enter the vault password.
  • After then, you will be asked to change a password, simply delete the current password. Make sure that three of your passwords are blank. Hit OK, after then.
  • After this, it will begin updating your accounts.
  • After updating, you are ready to go.

Note: Move to Step 2, if Step 1 doesn’t work.

Step 2: Deactivating the account

  • Move to Tools > Account List(Ctrl+A).
  • Now, you’ll see a list of Account. Choose Edit the account that has an error code.
  • Select Online Services.
  • Select Deactivate and hit ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  • Once the deactivation, you will see Set up Now under Online Setup tab.
  • Press OK and Done.
  • Make a check by Validating a File and press OK, after then.
  • After then, you will see Quicken starts to validate the file.
  • The validation has finished now & closed the DATA_LOG file notepad.
  •  Again go to Tools > Account List.
  • Press ‘Edit’ on the a/c showing the error and Go to Online Services.
  • After then, go to Setup Now.Enter username and password for your financial institution followed by clicking ‘Save a password’.
  • At last, click connect.

       For more assistance, speak to our team at (1-800-314-8024).