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When it comes to personal finance software,no one is best other than ‘Quicken
Premier’.This easy-to-use platform packed with amazing and stunning features makes it a powerful investment tool. Well with the help of this, you can easily sync your bank, investment a/c, credit card directly to Quicken software.So, there is no chance that a single transaction is ever missed by the user. Also, it allows you to
create the budget with spending limits and alerts. Thus, excessive spending on entertainment, groceries, and bills can be avoided.Important:

  • Helps you to maximize your investment.
  • Includes everything that of DELUXE plus:
  • You can check how your investments are doing with informed buy/sell decisions
  • Helps you to minimize taxes on the investment

Please note you can sync it with your brokerage a/c, track your investment and measure the performance of your investment portfolio. But one drawback is that being a desktop application, you can’t access your account on any other PC.Have a glance at some of its new and improved functions:

  • Your money can be managed on the go process across the web, desktop, and mobile (New)
  • Export register transaction to Excel (New)
  • You can get Email report directly from Quicken (New)
  • It’s now easy to check all the bill reminders in a single bill dashboard
  • Provide details related to updated 2018 tax rates and mileage rates (Improved)
  • Easy to add bill pay ” favourites” into new bills dashboard

Key features:

  • With this, you can see balances, accounts, budgets, and transactions.
  • You are allowed to check your spending trends.
  • Performance of investment is now easy to measure.
  • Allows you to look for transaction history.
  • Best way to keep your finances up to date.

! Just relax, your information is safe: Yes, it’s absolutely true. As the information is imported directly from user’ bank thus it is not in readable format. The financial data at least via 256-bit encryption.

! Great way to maximize your investment: For this purpose, first, you need to analyze how your investments are doing.It helps in buy/sell decisions. Also, you should see for realized and unrealized profits and continually updated quotes. Go easier with the tax time by tracking your deductions and creating reports.

! Connectivity: With a purpose to avoid inconvenience and potential human error, Quicken Premier syncs directly to user’s brokerage a/cs and financial institution. You must also know that it can be used only on PCs. On the other side, Quicken provides a separate program for Mac users.

! Budgeting: With the introduction of the Premier version, the process of budgeting has become simpler and easier.

! Reporting: Numerous useful reports including comparison, spending, investing and tax reports are provided by it.It can save for your records or can be utilized in other programs.

! Personal Investing: It’s indeed the best option to go with if you want to own securities, trade stocks or other investment vehicles. Quicken can be synced directly to your brokerage a/c as it helps in transferring your balances and trade history.
In nutshell,we can say ‘Quicken Premier’ is far more effective and contain marvellous money management features,when compared to other similar financing software. It is its robust features,ease of use and the instinctive platform that has brought huge name and fame to this specific version.

Note: If you have any query or any doubt regarding Quicken 2019 then you may get in touch with Proadvisor247 team for Quicken Customer Service (1-888-200-7580).  

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