How To Connect Capital One 360 Accounts In Quicken ?

By | November 28, 2018

Quicken is basically an Intuit’s personal finance management tool. With this, you can easily modify and edit your finance. Also, it helps in your tax planning. The product of Intuit involves investments tracking, recording of banking transactions, planning for financial tasks, budget preparing, tracking progress and performance and lot more.


Friends, Capital One is simply a financial corporation or we can also be called it a bank holding company. It offers auto loans, savings, banking, credit card and much more to its clients.Whereas Capital One 360 a/c is just a saving a/c that you can handle or use this savings for any other means. Whenever any individual opens his/her account with Capital One bank then they are provided with information regarding online banking. Here, users also get a/c log in and password.Here, in this blog, we shall discuss ‘How one can connect capital one 360 accounts in Quicken’.
Sometimes, the user wants to run their a/c or if they are already having Quicken a/c then the transactions or saving can be easily modified. For security purpose, there is a need for special finance access code for one 360 a/c.The user only has an id and password. The problem can be avoided easily by generating the access code.To connect your accounts, go with these steps:

Step 1: First, open Capital One website in your browser.Next, log in into your a/c.

Step 2: Now, tap View Account option.

Step 3: After then, pick Account Service & Setting option.

Step 4: Now, choose to get the access code and then wait for the new page to open in your browser.

Step 5: You will now see the access code tab.There, insert your password in password box in order to connect with this accounting software.

Step 6: Now, the access code will be on your window. Just copy this code.

Step 7: Afterwards, move to Quicken website and sign in there. Snap My Account option and paste the code (that you have copied earlier) thereon access code box.

Step 8: Give accurate information wherever asked and then save it to connect to Capital One 360 a/c in Quicken.

Hope, you like the information and find it relevant one! If you need any further assistance then you may connect with Quicken Support Service (1-888-200-7580).


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