How To Create Or Edit An Estimate Or Invoice In Quicken ?

By | December 5, 2018

To enhance your knowledge in this regard, you can follow this article. Well, the estimate can be created by a user to list goods. It will further help them to offer services to their prospective clients.As and when you enter or print the estimate, your income will not change. It’s just because of the reason that it’s not sure that you will complete the transaction. Therefore, when the estimate is accepted by your client, it’s easy to introduce changes to it.Also, it can be converted to invoice. Although it (invoice) shows in the invoice a/c which you choose, with the next sequential invoice number.As you convert estimates directly to invoices, you may find these two forms similar to each other. Also,you need to provide the same details like customer, date, and billing address and description about the products and services that you sell.Therefore, we can call them as invoice items in Quicken. Please note that you needn’t create an estimate to convert to an invoice. It’s very simple to create an invoice whenever you need to bill customers for the products or services they bought.

Here’s how to create an estimate or Quicken invoice: You must go for a suitable option;
! To create an estimate: Tap > Business tab > Business Actions > Invoices > Invoices and Estimates > Create Estimate.
! To create an invoice: Tap Business tab > Business Actions > Invoices > Estimates > Create Invoice. Choose invoice template as per your wish.After then, in the Customer field, please insert person or firm name with whom you are dealing, or pick the name from the list.

Is it essential to enter this customer every time?

No, it’s not like that. When you insert name of customer for the very first time, QuickFill memorizes it.And the next time, when an estimate or invoice will be created by you for that particular client, you can pick it from the list.
Well, in Project, you can mention project/job name or pick it name from the list. However,it is not compulsory, it’s optional.

What to do when the invoice item that you want is not there in the list?

  • In this situation, insert new name. You will then be asked by Quicken to add a new item.
  • Hit ‘Yes’ and provide details. After this, press OK.

When invoice item includes a business tag…????

It doesn’t contain one business tag at the invoice level and another business tag at the invoice item level.It’s so because the application will find it difficult to ascertain which business the invoice item belongs to.To include business tags at an invoice item level, keep Business Tag field in the invoice as blank. Quicken will then show ‘T’ in Taxable column (if sales tax is charged by you for this item). Please note that to turn tax tracking off for this item,you have to click in Tax column.

What should you do to add an a/c for Sales Tax?

Whenever an invoices/receivables a/c is created for the first time then the financial software creates an a/c called *Sales Tax* (to track the tax you charge your clients).
In the QTY field, insert the number of items that you sell. Additional Information:

  • The software automatically updates the value in ‘Amount’ column for you (based on Quantity*Rate)
  • You may either choose a message in the list in Customer Message field or insert a new one.
  • If any taxable item is there in this invoice, please mention tax rate in Tax field.
  • Tap ‘Save and New’ to record the transaction and open another form. Or you may also choose ‘Save and Done’ (if finished entering invoices or estimates).Edit information on an estimate……
  • First of all, to open Estimate List, snap Business tab. After then, click Business Tools > Estimate List.
  • Now, in Estimate List, pick the one that you want to modify. Now, choose’Edit’ option.
  • Make modifications whenever required.
  • Press ‘Save and Done’ option, after this.

Edit information on an invoice…..

  • First, open the a/c where you track your invoices.
  • Here, choose the transaction for the invoice that you want to change. Next, double-click word “Form” in Category field.
  • Make modifications in Invoice dialogue, wherever required.
  • Press ‘Save and Done’ option, after this.

For additional information, you may dial toll-number (1-888-200-7580 ) of Quicken Customer Service Team.

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