How To Download Quicken Software From Quicken.Com ?

By | October 13, 2018

If you guys are ignorant about how to Download Quicken Software from, then it’s the right place.In this write-up, we will discuss the whole procedure in detail. So, go through it to the last. No need to repeat, you are well aware that Quicken helps you in tracking finance, makes your future planning, as well as control your budget. In brief, it’s all in one easy-to-use package.

Mainly, there are two ways to install this accounting software:

  • Use a physical CD.
  • Install it from the internet.

Method 1: CD Version For Windows PC:

1. Start by inserting the CD into your disc drive

2. Wait for a while for the installation program to launch. Soon the CD will start establishment procedure. Another window will also open along with Quicken Installation Wizard, containing the guidelines to continue.
– With a little chance that Installation Wizard doesn’t open without anyone else.
– Pick Start catch and choose “PC” or “My Computer”. On Windows 8, locate “This      PC”symbol on the privilege and tap it.
– Double tap the catch with CD/DVD ROM drive.
– Little chance that didn’t dispatch it, right tap the symbol and snap “Investigate”. To dispatch the program, double tap Install.exe.

3. And, you will see the tab of the license agreement. Click the bubble i.e next to “I accept” option. Press “Next” button to continue.
4. To complete installation, just go with on-screen directions. Installation wizards
on-screen prompts well better help you in disclosing what you have to do.You need to:

– Pick a goal organizer. Herein your PC where Quicken will introduce. It is suggested utilizing the default area. Now, press “Next” to continue.
– Go through the establishment points of interest. In order to continue, snap Next.
– Wait for the establishment to wrap up. At the moment when Quicken is introduced, a window will appear saying “Establishment Complete”. Click “Wrap up.” As a result, Quicken will open.

For Mac Computers:

1. Please, insert the CD into a disc drive. Ensure that Quicken icon is appearing on        your desktop.
2. Drag the icon into your Applications folder. For this, you are required to give              administrator’s the username and password.
3. In your application folder, double tap the icon. Installation Wizard will launch              automatically.
4. Going through the installation is as normal. Remaining process on
    Mac is similar to that of PCs. Just you are required to move with prompts                    appearing in Installation Wizard. Hit “Next” to proceed through the steps.                   Installation Wizard launch automatically.

I don’t see my software after signing into, what should I do…??

– Refresh My Account page: Just refresh the page, if you are not able to view the list    of your earlier purchases. Click on reload icon situated at the upper left corner of a    browser Window. Also, you can sign out of My A/C page and again sign in.
– Maybe you have signed into a wrong account. There are more than one account        with At that time, Select Forgot our Login or Password to ascertain      that you have picked the right one.
– It may also possible that the browser window chose to access the page may have set zoom option too high. And you can’t see the download links. To remove this problem:

  • Sign out.
  • Go to and restore the zoom settings to 100%.
  • Sign in again, after then.
  • Finally, you will see the download links.

If you have purchased a CD, you won’t see the download option.If you have purchased it from You need to sign in to your a/c and
see your order history.If a purchase is more than 3 years old. The software is available for download for 3 years. After then you need to purchase its new version.

Method 2: How can I download Quicken and activate it.

1. Visit to our site
2. Next, choose Sign In, that you can see on the upper right side. There, pick My          Account. Note: In case, you forget your sign-in data, we have an option. For this,      choose “I forgot my Quicken ID or secret key.”
3. Now, insert your Quicken ID and Password.
4. Tap SIGN IN.
5. Put 6-digit code at that point, click CONTINUE. In this way,you can confirm your        data and help you save your record.
6. For 2018 arrival of Quicken: In My Account area, see for Plan Details and tap            download catch for your working framework.
7. For Quicken 2017 and more established: Below My Account, on the left half of          the  screen, you can see a rundown of Your Purchases. Snap Download Quicken      by the item you want to download.
8. Tap Run to start.

– If using Google Chrome, tap the download advance catch that can be seen at the base left corner of the window,after the download is finished.
– If utilizing Firefox, select Save File. Tap download symbol situated at the upper right corner.Select Quicken EXE record.
Note:Download time may vary in reference to your PC, working framework and program.To get help from Quicken Support, please dial (1-888-200-7580 )

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