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Quicken, the product of Intuit is a complete software package for small enterprises. Equipped with lots of interesting features such as graphically data representation, remote a/cs entry, analysis tools, information storage,mobile a/c access,and electronic distribution of invoices, the software is highly preferred by users nationwide.Read the whole content to have a deeper insight into how to move data files of Quicken from one computer to another. Here, you will get adequate information that you need related to this topic.But before we move, please consider these points:

! You need not to purchase software another copy when transferring Quicken data file.

! Data file can be transferred via USB drive such Pendrive, External Hard Disk.

! Do remember that not to open or run the software on a network.

! PC, where you want to send these data files, must have the same version of software installed on it.

! At the time of transferring data, Quicken Software should be closed.


  • First, you have to install Quicken on new PC. The software should be of the latest release. As it is installed,it will update automatically. In case, it’s not so, you may approach Quicken Support Service (1-888-200-7580).
  • Next, open the application on your old PC and tap “File Back up”.
  • After this, back up your data file to the external drive (pen drive) or disc (for instance, a USB drive) that can be used to move this back up to your new Pc.
  • In this step, try connecting an external drive (Pen drive) to new PC.
  • Next, locate external drive on PC.

In Windows 7, go to Start > My Computer.
In Windows 10, right click on Start menu =>File Explorer.

  • After this, move your “Quicken Data File” from drive to your new PC.
  • Open Quicken app and there choose the File > Restore Backup File. Next, snap Quicken backup to “restore” data file.
  • At last, tap Save and OK.


  • First, there is a need to install accounting software on your new PC.
  • Put a copy of your Quicken file on external disk.
  • On your old PC, open this accounting software. Choose File > Save a Backup.
  • After then, the Backup data file to an External Drive/Disk that can be used to move this Backup to your new PC.
  • Now, Restore your Quicken Data File on new PC.
  • In this step, connect your external drive or disc to new PC.
  • Open Quicken. Choose File => Restore from Backup.
  • After choosing devices, double-click to create a backup file.
  • Choose the location and your choice to save restored file like a local drive, folder etc. After then,click Restore.
  • In the end, hit OK.

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