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Quicken holds the huge responsibility of keeping user’s prominent information safe with itself. So,as and when an error arises,it really makes the user worried and disappointed.The error, we can say is a result of software malfunction. To get relief from this irritating issue, exit your Quicken app and reboot your pc. Now, again open Quicken and try to access the data file. If still,you see the same error, it means original directory path of a data file is not detected by the app.The below-mentioned remedy can be tricky for you guys, so you are suggested to dial Proadvisor247 Support Number for a quick resolution. But if you want to handle it on your own, be sure to have several copies of data files before you start the process.

Move as per the instructions:

  • First, select ‘Start’ button and search for File Explorer there.
  • You can see ‘View’ tab at the top left corner, please click on it.
  • Now, a checkbox for Hidden items in the Show/Hide section.
  • After then, Delete CONFIG, DATA & LOG folders.

These log and configuration data files are automatically created by the app and will be auto-created when needed.

  • Tap on This PC/Computer
  • Next, open Local Drive C = Users
  • Now, pick User Name = AppData = Roaming = Intuit/Quicken
  • Choose CONFIG and then delete
  • Follow the same steps for DATA&LOG folders
  • Again, reboot your pc and then open Quicken. Once the process is successfully completed, the error will surely

disappear. If not, then use Quicken Support Phone Number (1-888-200-7580).

Point to consider:Above mentioned guidelines will work only on Windows 8/8.1/10. However, for its earlier versions,the steps may differ. Please note that the accounting tool is no longer compatible with Windows Vista or XP pc. In that situation, a nice idea would be to contact your pc manufacturer and ask for Windows upgradation.
Simply the errors can also be avoided by keeping your pc drives clean.Freeware applications present on the Internet can help you to wipe junk files from the drives.
By doing so, both your pc and software performance will be enhanced.

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