How To Update Alert Setting For Quicken Mobile App?

By | February 12, 2019

For Quicken Mobile App users, it’s easy to control the alerts for the app in the latest upgrades. The software provides flexibility for its users to control alerts as per their uses.Also,it allows you to sync your data from the system with the mobile app.As the software relies on exact and complete information to reach reliable performance.Guys,mobile alerts appear automatically. But it’s up to you, whether you want to see it or not.Also, you can turn it off. Give you some time to decide which alert is advantageous for you. Setting them would help you from coming future troubles.

Let’s now discuss steps to set financial alerts for Moblie app:

1. For this, go to Tools menu > Alerts Center > Setup.
2. Next, to review available alerts you need to tap on the alert category in the Setup tab.
3. In the setting menu, the following list would appear as an alert category list:

  • Banking Alerts.
  • Investment alerts
  • General alerts
  • Other alerts
  • Tax alerts

4. Now, pick the alert you wish to set up
5. Go for setting the alert threshold (where applicable)
6. After this, enter the method for Quicken. With this, they will be able to alert you.
7. Once it is finished, hit OK.

How to update Mobile Email Alerts:


1. Open Quicken software and there click on Mobile & Alerts tab.
2. Next, you have to tap the icon in the Email Alerts section header.
3. After then, click Alert Settings.
4. Now, utilize dropdowns and checkboxes to update alerts you wish to receive, and when the alerts are activated.
5. At last, to save the changes made, press OK.


1. Move to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts tab.
2. Next, tap Alerts. If you don’t see any option for Alerts, please Turn “On” Sync button.
3.Use check-boxes and the drop-down list to update the alerts you wish to receive. When these alerts begin to show then they are sent to your email address (which connected with your Quicken ID). You can see the email address at the bottom of the Alerts window.

Steps to change the accounts you sync to mobile:

Quicken for Windows:

1. Open Quicken software. There tap on Mobile & Alerts tab.
2. After then, choose the icon in Accounts enabled on mobile section header.
3. You must know that by choosing the check-boxes, you can add/remove your a/cs for Mobile Sync. Thus, we can say, you will be able to sync a/c like checking, investing, cash, saving, and credit card.
4. Finally, to save the change made, tap Update Accounts.

Quicken for Mac:

1. Navigate to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts tab.
2. Next, pick Accounts. In case, there is no option for Accounts, then turn “On” Sync Button.
3. Friends, by selecting check-boxes you can now add/remove your a/cs for Mobile Sync. Thus, you are able to
sync a/c like checking, investing cash, saving, and credit card accounts.

For setup and sync your accounts from Quicken:

When mobile app sync with your data file then you are able to access your accounts through the mobile device.

Quicken for Windows:
Set up Quicken mobile:

1. Go for opening Quicken app. Next, tap Mobile & Alerts bar.
2. After this, please click Get Started to select the accounts you wish to sync with your mobile device.

Sync Quicken data to Quicken Mobile:

1. First of all, under the Mobile & Alerts tab, press Sync now.
2. Next, move to your mobile app. There log in with the help of Quicken ID.
3. Once you snap refresh icon, all your information started the download to your mobile device from the cloud.

Quicken for Mac: 
Set up Quicken Mobile:

1. For this, you need to move to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts.
2. Now, log in using your Quicken ID.
3. Afterwards, you are required to Turn “On” Mobile Access.

To sync your Quicken data to Quicken Mobile:

1. Move to Accounts > Sync to Mobile
2. Next, to update Online a/cs, you need to click a circular arrow that appears above your account list.
3. It’s time to open your mobile app. Log in there using Quicken ID.
4. Once you click on the refresh icon, all your information started the download to your mobile device from the cloud.

I tried to provide you with the best of the information.Still, you feel something is missing or having any query in the steps discussed above.Be fast to speak to our professionals.Use toll number (1-888-200-7580) for the Quicken Support.

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