The contract is bound to terminate if any terms and conditions are violated by the client. We offer services on as is and as available basis. Only those clients paying for subscription charges are eligible to hire our services. The services can be received through phone, live chat or email. Our company also have a right to delete unlawful and prohibited content. It’s thus enough to remove client’s a/c also. The hosting partners and 3rd party vendors may be used by our support company to offer essential services. The clients must also take a note of transferring of content in an unapproved manner. They need to look into encrypted service transmission and place information in this area. With this, the transmission will be performed over several networks. The client should also check for changes for confirmation or adaption to tech needs of connecting devices and networks. We (our tech support company) are not responsible for the associated loss.

Cancellation And Termination

In case, the services are canceled by our clients before the paid up month ends, then it will result into servic cancellation and the client are not liable to pay in near future. However, the client information is archived in several active servers as and when it is required in coming time. The a/c cancellation will be at the will of the client and he/she will be responsible for the same. For the cancellation of a/c, the request will be forwarded to our account service manager and an acknowledgment for this will be received by the client. The company has the right to cancel the account in case, illegal software is used by the client. Also, the support company can refuse the services generated from unauthorized/unofficial access. With the termination of a/c, there will remain no access to PC services.

Content Ownership And Copyright

Uncertified and unauthorized content can be deleted by the company. The data/information shared with our company will still remain the intellectual property of that person or the third party. In that particular situation , the copyrights will not be possessed by us.